With more than 1,000 people in ASIA Group, we are different in expertise, personality, etc. but have the same enthusiasm, common actions and the pride as a member of Asia Group


HUMANITY Culture: We create a humanity environment where people development and engagement are our top priorities.

Work-life balance: We emphasize on a healthy and balanced work-life by promoting good physical and mental health activities to our people.

Career DEVELOPMENT: We create favorable conditions for our employees to develop the right expertise, skills and a clear career development roadmap at Asia Group.

PASSION & CREATIVITY: We encourage the spirit of passion, creativity and foremost, pride and cohesion in each department as well as organization.


In ASIA Group, people are the most valuable asset. Therefore, all decisions are made with the aim at providing the best working environment for employees. We create a humane working culture; however, we still ensure the efficiency and professionalism.

Employees are given opportunities to work suitably with his/her expertise and competences, to continuously learn and develop through annual training programs as well as clear career development roadmap.

Additionally, the health care and remuneration policies such as bonus shares (ESOP), home loans, balanced work – life activities, etc. are ASIA Group’s advantages to attract and retain talents.


As one of the leading corporations in Vietnam, Asia Group clearly acknowledges our influence on the development trend of ingredient industry as well as human health. We also understand the real success of a business is shown not only by the revenue figures in the annual reports but also the superior and long-term values that we build and bring to the community.

With our right desires and practical actions, besides high-quality products and outstanding solutions meeting the most demanding requirements of the market, we always focus on researching and developing new products with higher applications, superior added values to bring customers the best benefits, improve health and life quality of everyone.

Job Oppotunities

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